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Welcome to the the Drunkapedia, an Asheron's Call Community Wiki.

The ACCW is an editable guide and reference to all things related to Asheron's Call, an MMORPG that launched in 1999 and closed in 2017.
This wiki currently contains 51 articles and 55,515 image files.

Player Character
Basics: Character Creation, Character Races, Attributes, Skills, Experience Points

Advancement: Attribute and Skill Redistribution, XP Augmentation, Luminance Augmentation, Rating

Cosmetics: Titles, Tailoring, Barbers and Hairstyles, Dyeing, Costume Items

Quests and Events
Quests: Quest Index, Quests by Event, Quests by Level, Kill Tasks, Luminance Quests, Society Quests, Quest Journal, Contracts

Events: Monthly Events, Event Announcements, Event Details, Live Events, All Events

Armor: Armor, Armor by Requirement, Armor Sets, Armor Index

Weapons: Weapons, Finesse Weapons, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, Missile Weapons, Ammunition, Magic Casters, Weapon Sets

Accessories: Jewelry, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Trinkets, Clothing, Cloaks, Aetheria

Other Items: Items, Consumable Items, Currency Items, Rare Items

Locations: Locations, Travelling, Dungeons, Towns, Housing Settlements, Geographic Areas, Points of Interest

Creatures: Creatures, Creature Index, Creatures by Class, Luminance Creatures

NPCs: NPCs, Quest NPCs, Trophy Collector NPCs, Alternate Currency NPCs

Game Mechanics and Activities
Basics: Loot, User Interface, Allegiance, Fellowship, Trading, Combat, Death Penalty, Magic, Spells, Spell Research

PVP: Player Killer, Player Killer Lite, Land Control, Olthoi Play, Chess

Crafting: Category:Crafting, Crafting, Tinkering, Salvage

Other Activities: Hobbies, Dens of Iniquity, Colosseum, Gauntlet

Lore and Media
Lore: Characters, Cultures, Worlds, Historical Records, Lore Database, Continuity

Media: Maps, Icons, Live Images, Stats Panels, Teaser Images, Portaldats, Symbols, Artwork, Videos

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