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Asheron's Call

Asheron's Call (AC) was a fantasy Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Turbine, Inc. released on November 2, 1999.

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Asheron's Call Updates

Game Release and Expansions

Dark Majesty
Throne of Destiny

Major Monthly Updates

  • See Patches for a list of all the regular monthly updates made to Asheron's Call.
Event Main Content/Features
August 2008: 100th Update
October 2009: 10th Anniversary Update
April 2010: "Big" Update
December 2010: "Big" Update
May 2011: "Big" Update
  • New level 180+ hunting and questing area
  • Contracts
  • Prismatic Ammunition
  • Shield Tailoring
  • Alternate Currency Exchangers
February 2012: Skill System Overhaul
August 2012: "Big" Update
February 2013: "Big" Update
  • New UI
  • Legendary cantrips introduced
  • New Summoning skill introduced
  • Loot Tier 8 introduced
  • Creature loot tiers adjusted
August 2013: "Big" Update


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History of Asheron's Call

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1994 - 1999

Game Development

  • Development of Asheron's Call began in 1994 after Turbine and Microsoft had entered into a developer/publisher agreement where legal ownership of the property and subsequently-developed properties were owned by Microsoft.(source?)
  • All of the games Servers and the initial beta testing were also hosted on as part of the publishing agreement with Microsoft.
  • "Empyrean" was the code name Microsoft used to refer to Asheron's Call in 1997 when the game was still in development. [1]

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Beta Testing and Release

  • The AC Beta consisted of three phases which spanned from May until October of 1999.
  • Other important events that occured before and during beta testing:
    • Turbine's beta page,, goes live.
    • Microsoft's Asheron's Call page,, goes live.
  • November 2, 1999 - AC goes retail, it is the third major MMORPG to be released at this time.

2000 - 2003

Microsoft Gaming Zone

In addition to the hosting of the game Servers, all AC announcements including patch teasers, rollout articles, letters to the players and patch notes were released onto the AC section of the Microsoft Gaming Zone. Some announcements were also made on the Microsoft Games AC site.

Solclaim server goes live

The first Asheron's Call server to be added since the game's release goes live on 6th of June 2000.[2]

Wintersebb server goes live

The second server goes live on January 24th 2001 to accommodate the ever increasing population of Asheron's Call.[3]

Microsoft announces the AC expansion pack: Dark Majesty

Microsoft announces on June 25th 2001 that the Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Expansion Pack will be available later in the year. The expansion pack would include the original Asheron's Call, new additions such as housing and storage, and the new landmass Marae Lassel including many new creatures, dungeons and quests.[4]

Turbine buys Asheron's Call license back

Turbine bought back all franchise rights from Microsoft in 2003[5] and consequently took responsibility for server hosting. The servers remained at a facility in Washington State until 2008 when all server hardware was replaced and relocated to a facility in Massachusetts near Turbine headquarters. Due to various quality of service issues that caused extended downtime the servers were moved to a new facility on March 30th, 2009.


Turbine unlocks Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty for all AC subscribers

Turbine announces that all Dark Majesty content will be available to every subscriber regardless of whether they have purchased the expansion pack in the past or not. [6]

Turbine Green Lights AC Expansion Pack: Throne of Destiny

An announcement is made that fans of the award-winning online role playing game Asheron’s Call® will receive a new expansion pack in early 2005.[7] The name of the expansion is announced at a later time.

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