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During the Throne of Destiny expansion in 2005, rare items, or Rares, were introduced to the loot generator. There are six tiers that increase in rarity ranging from the most common Tier 1 rares, which consist of consumable buff gems, to the least common Tier 6 rares which consist of weapons for each class. Consumable type items in tier 5 are eternal/infinite and have an unlimited number of uses.

Each time a player kills a rare eligible creature, there is a small chance that a rare will drop. To be rare eligible, the creature must drop a corpse/treasure pile, be a greater level than the player, or level 100+. Estimated drop rate of a rare item is one in 2,500 rare eligible creature kills. For every 1 weapon (Tier 6) that drops the following should drop [1]:

Drop Rate Tier Average Kills Per Rare Found
1 Tier 6 8,750,000 1:3500
1.16 Tier 5 7,543,103 1:3017
2.8 Tier 4 3,120,000 1:1,250
35 Tier 3 250,000 1:100
350 Tier 2 25,000 1:10
3500 Tier 1 2,500 1:1

Real Time Rares

Also there is a real time rare timer for each character, this timer starts the first time you kill a rare eligible creature. A character such as a mule that has never killed anything will not have an active timer. It works by looking at the real time that has elapsed since the last rare was found, it increases as the time gets closer to two months (real life time) at which point it is a 100% chance. People have found that for characters that don't normally hunt, it's best to take them out at at the 30 day mark and a rare will drop after a few kills (although it sometimes can take longer since it's still a % chance at the 30 day mark).

Rare Items

Tier 1

Spells cast by these rare gems do not stack with Spectral Mastery Crystals.

Creature Magic Gems

Lugian's Pearl Ursuin's Pearl Wayfarer's Pearl Sprinter's Pearl Magus's Pearl Lich's Pearl Alchemist's Crystal Scholar's Crystal Smithy's Crystal Hunter's Crystal Observer's Crystal Thorsten's Crystal Elysa's Crystal Chef's Crystal Enchanter's Crystal Oswald's Crystal Deceiver's Crystal Fletcher's Crystal Physician's Crystal Artificer's Crystal Tinker's Crystal Vaulter's Crystal Monarch's Crystal Life Giver's Crystal Thief's Crystal Adherent's Crystal Resister's Crystal Imbuer's Crystal Converter's Crystal Evader's Crystal Dodger's Crystal Zefir's Crystal Ben Ten's Crystal Corruptor's Crystal Artist's Crystal T'ing's Crystal Warrior's Crystal Brawler's Crystal Hieromancer's Crystal Rogue's Crystal Berzerker's Crystal

Tier 2

Life Magic Gems

Warrior's Jewel Melee's Jewel Mage's Jewel Duelist's Jewel Archer's Jewel Tusker's Jewel Olthoi's Jewel Inferno's Jewel Gelid's Jewel Astyrrian's Jewel Executor's Jewel

Item Magic Gems

Pearl of Blood Drinking Pearl of Heart Seeking Pearl of Defending Pearl of Swift Killing Pearl of Spirit Drinking Pearl of Hermetic Linking Pearl of Blade Baning Pearl of Pierce Baning Pearl of Bludgeon Baning Pearl of Acid Baning Pearl of Flame Baning Pearl of Frost Baning Pearl of Lightning Baning Pearl of Impenetrability


Refreshing Elixir Invigorating Elixir Miraculous Elixir

Tier 3

Healing Kits

Medicated Health Kit Medicated Stamina Kit Medicated Mana Kit


Casino Exquisite Keyring Shimmering Skeleton Key

Tier 4


Adept's Fervor Bracers of Leikotha's Tears Breastplate of Leikotha's Tears Dusk Coat Dusk Leggings Footman's Boots Gauntlets of the Crimson Star Gauntlets of Leikotha's Tears Gelidite Bracers Gelidite Breastplate Gelidite Gauntlets Gelidite Girth Gelidite Greaves Gelidite Mitre Gelidite Pauldrons Gelidite Tassets Girth of Leikotha's Tears Greaves of Leikotha's Tears Helm of Leikotha's Tears Imperial Chevaird's Helm Patriarch's Twilight Coat Patriarch's Twilight Tights Pauldrons of Leikotha's Tears Gelidite Boots Steel Wall Boots Tassets of Leikotha's Tears Tracker Boots Valkeer's Helm Dread Marauder Shield Mirrored Justice Shield of Engorgement Twin Ward


Aristocrat's Bracelet Band of Elemental Harmony Bracelet of Binding Circle of Pure Thought Dreamseer Bangle Golden Snake Choker Ibriya's Choice Loop of Opposing Benedictions Love's Favor Necklace of Iniquity Ring of Channeling Swift Strike Ring Unchained Prowess Ring Weeping Ring Winter's Heart

Tier 5

Eternal Creature Magic Gems (Attributes)

Pictograph of Strength Pictograph of Endurance Pictograph of Coordination Pictograph of Quickness Pictograph of Focus Pictograph of Willpower

Eternal Creature Magic Gems (Skills)

Hieroglyph of Alchemy Mastery Hieroglyph of Arcane Enlightenment Hieroglyph of Armor Tinkering Expertise Hieroglyph of Cooking Mastery Hieroglyph of Creature Enchantment Mastery Hieroglyph of Deception Mastery Hieroglyph of Dirty Fighting Mastery Hieroglyph of Dual Wield Mastery Hieroglyph of Fealty Hieroglyph of Finesse Weapon Mastery Hieroglyph of Fletching Mastery Hieroglyph of Healing Mastery Hieroglyph of Heavy Weapon Mastery Hieroglyph of Impregnability Hieroglyph of Invulnerability Hieroglyph of Item Enchantment Mastery Hieroglyph of Item Tinkering Expertise Hieroglyph of Jumping Mastery Hieroglyph of Leadership Mastery Hieroglyph of Life Magic Mastery Hieroglyph of Light Weapon Mastery Hieroglyph of Lockpick Mastery Hieroglyph of Magic Item Tinkering Expertise Hieroglyph of Magic Resistance Hieroglyph of Mana Conversion Mastery Hieroglyph of Missile Weapon Mastery Hieroglyph of Monster Attunement Hieroglyph of Person Attunement Hieroglyph of Recklessness Mastery Hieroglyph of Shield Mastery Hieroglyph of Sneak Attack Mastery Hieroglyph of Sprint Hieroglyph of Two Handed Weapons Mastery Hieroglyph of War Magic Mastery Hieroglyph of Weapon Tinkering Expertise Hieroglyph of Void Magic Mastery

Eternal Life Magic Gems

Ideograph of Blade Protection Ideograph of Piercing Protection Ideograph of Bludgeoning Protection Ideograph of Acid Protection Ideograph of Fire Protection Ideograph of Frost Protection Ideograph of Lightning Protection Ideograph of Armor Ideograph of Regeneration Ideograph of Revitalization Ideograph of Mana Renewal

Eternal Item Magic Gems

Rune of Blood Drinker Rune of Heart Seeker Rune of Defender Rune of Swift Killer Rune of Spirit Drinker Rune of Hermetic Link Rune of Blade Bane Rune of Pierce Bane Rune of Bludgeon Bane Rune of Acid Bane Rune of Flame Bane Rune of Frost Bane Rune of Lightning Bane Rune of Impenetrability Rune of Portal Recall Rune of Lifestone Recall

Eternal Dispel Gems

Rune of Dispel

Eternal Healing Kits

Eternal Health Kit Eternal Stamina Kit Eternal Mana Kit

Eternal Lockpicks

Limitless Lockpick

Eternal Arrowheads

Infinite Deadly Frog Crotch Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Broad Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Armor Piercing Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Blunt Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Acid Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Fire Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Frost Arrowheads Infinite Deadly Electric Arrowheads

Eternal Salvage

Infinite Ivory Infinite Leather

Eternal Mana Charge

Eternal Mana Charge

Eternal Rations

Infinite Simple Dried Rations Infinite Elaborate Dried Rations

Eternal Dyepots

Perennial Verdalim Dye Perennial Hennacin Dye Perennial Berimphur Dye Perennial Thananim Dye Perennial Colban Dye Perennial Relanim Dye Perennial Lapyan Dye Perennial Minalim Dye Perennial Argenory Dye Perennial Botched Dye

Foolproof Salvage

Black Opal Foolproof Fire Opal Foolproof Sunstone Foolproof Imperial Topaz Foolproof Black Garnet Foolproof White Sapphire Foolproof Emerald Foolproof Aquamarine Foolproof Red Garnet Foolproof Jet Foolproof Peridot Foolproof Yellow Topaz Foolproof Zircon Foolproof


Pack (Rare)

Tier 6

Heavy Weapons

Count Renari's Equalizer Smite Ridgeback Dagger Star of Tukal Subjugator Pillar of Fearlessness Staff of All Aspects Staff of Tendrils Brador's Frozen Eye Morrigan's Vanity Steel Butterfly

Light Weapons

Bearded Axe of Souia-Vey Black Thistle Moriharu's Kitchen Knife Baton of Tirethas Thunderhead Star of Gharu'n Spirit Shifting Staff Squire's Glaive Staff of Fettered Souls Guardian of Pwyll Fist of Three Principles Skullpuncher

Finesse Weapons

Canfield Cleaver Tusked Axe of Ayan Baqur Pitfighter's Edge Zharalim Crookblade Dripping Death Champion's Demise Tri-Blade Spear Death's Grip Staff Defiler of Milantos Desert Wyrm Hevelio's Half-Moon Malachite Slasher

Two Handed Weapons

Chitin Cracker Decapitator's Blade Itaka's Naginata Revenant's Scythe Spear of Lost Truths

Missile Weapons

Black Cloud Bow Corsair's Arc Dragonspine Bow Ebonwood Shortbow Serpent's Flight Assassin's Whisper Feathered Razor Iron Bull Zefir's Breath Bloodmark Crossbow Drifter's Atlatl Hooded Serpent Slinger Huntsman's Dart-Thrower Dart Flicker Royal Ladle


Deru Limb Eye of Muramm Orb of the Ironsea Wand of the Frore Crystal Wings of Rakhil Heart of Darkest Flame

See Also

Update History

Throne of Destiny (expansion)

Friend and Foe

  • Local broadcast when a Rare is found changed to bright pink and an audio cue added.

A Change in Tactics

  • Real time rares system added.
  • Drop rate on higher tier Rares increased slightly.

Cold Tracks

  • Based on player feedback Rare Infinite Arrowheads will now work on bundles of the appropriate shafts.
  • Rare gems are now stackable up to 100

Dark Materials

Upping the Ante

  • An announcement is now made when a player uses a tier 1 or 2 rare gem.

Unknown event between Ancient Powers, and Reclamation

  • Ideographs, Pictographs, Runes, and Hieroglyphs updated to level VIII spells from level VII.

Who Watches the Virindi?

  • Rare Exchangers added to the three Casinos that will exchange a random Tier 1 or 2 rare for any other Tier 1 or 2 rare and 2 MMD. (The price was originally 1 MMD but was later raised).

Gears of Change

Shedding Skin

From Darkness, Light

Hidden In Shadows

Master of Design

  • You can now tailor the appearance of a loot generated item upon rare armor.

Master of Arms


  • Rare Jewelry adjusted so that every piece had at least two epics along with the matching level 8 spells.
  • In some cases the jewelry has more than 2 epics or has a special spell such as Essence Glutton.
  • Debuffs removed from jewelry.

The Quest for Freedom