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Introduced in the Gears of Change event, Rating is a modifier that can be added to a number of different categories for each character. A character's rating in each category can be enhanced in a variety of ways. See the individual rating pages for details.

In the Balance of Power event, tier 8 loot was introduced which can have bonuses to ratings on individual equippable items.

Name Description
Damage Rating Damage rating increases all damage done to a target, including critical hits.
Critical Damage Rating Critical Damage Rating increases Critical Hit damage done to a target.
Damage Resistance Rating Damage Resistance Rating decreases the amount of all incoming damage, including critical hits.
Critical Damage Resistance Rating Critical Damage Resistance Rating decreases Critical Hit damage received.
Damage Over Time Resistance Rating Decreases the effectiveness of Damage Over Time spells cast upon the user.
Health Drain Resistance Rating Decreases the effect of drain spells cast upon the target.
Healing Boost Rating Healing Boost Rating increases the amount of health received from consumables, healing kits, and life magic.
Aetheria Surge Rating Increases the chance that Aetheria will surge.
Mana Charge Rating Increases the amount of mana released from mana stones into magical items.
Mana Reduction Rating Decreases the amount of mana consumed in equipped magical items.
Damage Reduction Rating Debuff applied to decrease the effective damage rating of the target.
Healing Reduction Rating Debuff applied to decrease the effective healing rating of the target.
Damage Resistance Reduction Rating Debuff applied to decrease the effective damage resistance rating of the target.
Vitality Rating Increases Health only. 1 Vitality Rating = +1 Health.

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  • See Severlin's post on the official forums for more information [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] .
  • At this time, all increases to any rating stack with each other.