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Geographic Areas - Spawn Distributions

Asheron's Call has been updated or "patched" on a monthly basis from its launch in the fall of 1999. Occasionally large content additions are made in the form of new islands, such as Aphus Lassel and Aerlinthe. Other times an area is repurposed, such as Graveyard and Valley of Death. AC has had two expansions that also introduced new regions. Dark Majesty brought Marae Lassel and Throne of Destiny brought the Halaetan Isles. Below is a listing of the geographic regions and areas that have been added, expanded, or are explicitly referred to in game.

The game world is over 500 square miles (1,300 km²) in size.[1]

Map Dereth

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Main geographic areas
Regions and islands of Dereth
High level hunting grounds

Mainland Dereth




Islands of Dereth

Aerlinthe Island

Aphus Lassel

Asheron's Island

Dark Isle

Halaetan Isles

Marae Lassel

Moarsman Island

Olthoi Island

Singularity Caul

Ulgrim's Island

Vesayen Isles

Vissidal Island