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The Asheron's Call Community Wiki (ACCW) is a wiki dedicated to documenting all things related to the MMO Asheron's Call. This includes stats of all items and NPCs, quest guides, lore, game updates, and materials released by Turbine. The ACCW also contains some information about the game's sequel, Asheron's Call 2.

Asheron's Call itself closed in 2017. The ACCW strives to document how the game existed at the time of closure, with historical information also archived. This wiki is not intended to be a guide for any emulation projects, past or present.

General Disclaimer

All information on Asheron's Call Community Wiki is player submitted. There are no guarantees of accuracy or timeliness. If you find errors, please correct them, as that is what a Wiki is for!


The text contained in the Asheron's Call Community Wiki is copyrighted (automatically under the Berne Convention) by Community contributors and licensed to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

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