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A spawn map should be available for most terrain spawning creatures and unique creatures that spawn randomly over a large area. Red dots on the map indicate locations where other players have reported seeing a spawn via the Mob Tracker plugin. A Viewer utility is available at the plugin site for color, zoomable maps using the most recent data available (the viewer is found in the plugin folder after installation, if you don't use Decal, you can just download the Viewer which is a standalone program). To update an existing map or to create a new map, see Wiki_Swiss_Tool/Spawn_Maps for details.


  • Each spawn map consists of two individual images, a base that is used for all creature pages and a much smaller transparent png file that consists of just the red dots indicating spawns.
  • The wiki uses a static snapshot so may not reflect recent changes, for details on updating a map see the Wiki Swiss Tool.
  • Red dots located in bodies of water indicate dungeon spawns (each dot is a dungeon).
  • Spawns can include limited duration live events, so there may be no possibility of spawns in some locations even though there are dots there, this is often true of dots on towns like Ayan Baqur etc.
  • Because the data comes from players that see items, a high concentration of dots in some cases reflects a popular place players travel to frequently rather than indicating that the creature or item spawns there more than other places that they also spawn.

Example of a Spawn Map for Dual Fragments:

Dual Fragment Spawns

Data courtesy of Mob Tracker. Zoomable color

maps available with downloadable Viewer.