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Collectors and Crafters - Popular Trophies

This page is a list of popular trophies, ones players often collect.

High XP - Givable

Trophies that give good xp for the level of the creature that drops them.

Trophy XP
Ancient Empyrean Trinket Random
Ancient Falatacot Trinket Random
Lesser Corrupted Essence 13,000,000xp
Corrupted Essence (Trophy) 16,272,681xp
Gold Moarsman Tooth 6,500,000xp
Gold Niffis Tentacle 8,700,000xp
Gold Remoran Eggs 11,400,000xp
Gold Shallows Shredder Fin 6,500,000xp
Perfect Ice Shard 8,000xp
Phyntos Honey 25,000,000xp (for 10)
White Phyntos Wasp Wing 7,500xp

High XP - No Give

Trophies that give good xp but cannot be passed or traded.

Trophy Max XP
A Large Mnemosyne 15,000xp
An Unlocked Large Mnemosyne 75,000xp
Assailer Tusk 11,000,000xp
Azaxis Token 14,845,392xp
Crowley's Champion Token 24,089,339xp
Death Tail's Fang 100,000,000xp
Demon Swarm Matron Token 54,455,312xp
Devastator Tusk 20,000,000xp
Extra Large Tainted Egg 20,648,005xp
Hand of Blightfinger 17,206,671xp
Hive Splinter 25,000,000xp (for 10)
Huge Tainted Egg 28,092,330xp
Kirit Zefir Wing 1,200,000xp
Large Tainted Egg 11,876,313xp
Lugian Commander's Insignia 2,500,000xp
Lugian Lieutenant's Insignia 1,500,000xp
Lugian Sentinel's Insignia 1,400,000xp
Mhoire Signet Ring 25,000,000xp (for 10)
Olthoi Ripper Spine 1,500,000xp
Olthoi Slasher Carapace 900,000xp
Olthoi Slayer Carapace 1,000,000xp
Phyntos Stinger 800,000xp
Pyre Shroud 15,000,000xp (for 10)
Rampager Tusk 8,000,000xp
Skeletal Jawbone (Naughty Skeleton) 1,400,000xp
Skeletal Jawbone (Wicked Skeleton) 1,700,000xp
Stone Fists Token 5,113,441xp
The Master Token 287,308,150xp

Shareable XP

Trophies that split the xp reward amongst fellowship members. Recently some items such as eater jaws had their xp split into shareable and non-shareable components.

Trophy XP
Abhorrent Eater Jaw 5,000,000xp (Shared)
Blue Fire Infusion 3,000,000xp
Dire Champion Token 5,000,000xp
Engorged Eater Jaw 830,000xp (Shared)
Eviscerator Pincer 1,600,000xp (Shared)
Mutilator Pincer 3,600,000xp (Shared)
Ravenous Eater Jaw 7,000,000xp (Shared)
Red Fire Infusion 4,000,000xp
Upper Insatiable Eater Jaw 8,000,000xp (Shared)
Voracious Eater Jaw 2,600,000xp (Shared)
Warrior Pincer 2,600,000xp (Shared)
White Fire Infusion 3,000,000xp

Useful Items

Trophy reward items players often use.

Trophy Item(s)
Canescent Mattekar Pelt Canescent Mattekar Robe
Diamond Heart Diamond Scarab
Doll's Eye Doll's Eye
Essence of a Phantasm Potion of Destiny's Wind
Giant Monouga Rib Eyeslayer (Giant)
Golden Shuriken of Tanada Shou-jen Shozoku Mask
Hoary Mattekar Hide Hoary Mattekar Robe
Jester's Cards File:Deck of Eyes Icon.png Deck of Eyes
File:Deck of Hands Icon.png Deck of Hands
Little Green Seeds Thananim Plant
Nefane Shell Nefane Shield
Plaguefang's Hide Plaguefang's Robe
Platinum Golem Heart Platinum Scarab
Reaper Reedshark Hide Hearty Reedshark Robe
Slasher Reedshark Hide Sturdy Reedshark Robe
Small Shard Shadow Breastplate (Darkened Mind)
Swarthy Mattekar Hide Swarthy Mattekar Robe
Tusker Spit Tusker Spit Ale
Vapor Golem Heart Treated Healing Kit
Pyreal Pea
Great Mana Charge
Gem of Stillness
Virindi Singularity Key Plentiful Healing Kit
Yellow Jewel Treated Healing Kit
Pyreal Pea
Gem of Stillness