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Upcoming Fellowship Changes

December 7, 2000

This month, we're introducing a major enhancement to the fellowship system which should make it much more appealing and useful for all players. In the past, players were limited by the narrow level restrictions of the system, and many disliked the proportional experience point (XP) sharing. Many players didn't want any XP sharing at all, but wished they could utilize the communication and targeting enhancements that fellowships allowed. In addition, upon reaching "extreme" levels, the 10-level restriction made even less sense, as a level 55 and a level 80 player might very well wish to collaborate on the same quest but were unable to use the fellowship system to help them do so.

Well, say hello to progress!

On your fellowship panel, starting in December's "The Child of Daralet" event, there will be a checkbox allowing you to choose between two different types of fellowship -- XP Sharing and Non-XP Sharing/No Level Limit.

Fellowships will be defaulted to XP-Sharing. If all members of the fellowship are within 5 levels of the founder, XP will be shared equally. If members are all within ten levels of the founder, XP will be shared proportionally, much like in the old system.

If all members of the fellowship are level 50 or above, all members will share XP equally, and there will be no limit to the levels of the members involved! Players of level 50, 55, 70, and 90 could all be in the same fellowship, each earning 25% of the XP.

Alternatively, any ten players can join a No XP-Sharing/No Level Limit fellowship, which functions pretty much as it sounds. A level 2, a level 20, and a level 80 player could all be in the same fellowship for targeting and communication purposes, but no XP would be shared between them.

If the makeup of a fellowship changes such that it would invalidate the current type, the fellowship will dynamically change to accommodate this. For example, if a level 10 player creates an XP-Sharing fellowship, and a level 5 and a level 15 player join, they will split the XP equally. If a level 20 player subsequently joins, the fellowship will automatically change to a proportional sharing fellowship. If the level 20 player then leaves, the fellowship will revert to the way it was; there will be no need to recreate the fellowship. (However, you will have to recreate the fellowship if you wish to change from XP-Sharing to Non-XP-Sharing.)

We're sure that these changes will make adventuring in the land of Dereth a more easily coordinated venture for allegiances, friends, and mercenaries. Enjoy, and happy questing!