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Little Blue Pills are an alt currency on Drunkenfell. Ed , a vendor located in Adventurer's Haven sells much sought after items for LBPs. LBPs can also be used to upgrade items sold by Ed to add ratings to them. Ratings can be added for 10 LBPs per point (max of loot gen). Daisy Duke adds these ratings personally, so you have to get with her to get your upgrade.

Current Quests that yield a LBP

The Pharmacist Quest

Scavenger Hunt

Lost Lover Quest

Gromnie Scout Teeth Collecting

Pete the Pusher

Weekly tasks:

Each week (normally on Tuesday) Jaria will assign tasks. Completing these tasks and turning in the item to Daisy Duke will earn you one little blue pill each. Those pills can be used to buy items off of Ed (he lives in Haven).

All items are one per human.

Items may only be turned in ONCE.

Each week has a specific deadline for credit. If you cannot meet up with Daisy prior to the deadline, you may PM her a screenshot of the item in your pack and she will add you to the IOU list, but you still have to turn the item in so keep it.

Here is the link to the LBP spreadsheet where you can see all things LBPs

Google Doc

Task Due Date
Monster Fight Shirt No Deadline
Scourge's Hide Leggings No Deadline
Lugian Crest 7/17/24
Orb of Splendor 7/17/24
Shadow's Eye 7/17/24
Tanned Mattekar Hide 7/17/24
Nuhmudira's Journal 7/17/24
Gauntlets of Marksmanship 7/17/24
Translated Asteliary Crafter's Note 7/17/24
Shield of the Simulacra 7/23/24
Barbed Crop 7/23/24
Raven Aegis 7/23/24
Ursuin Toy 7/23/24
Battered Old Dagger 7/23/24
The Grael Rebellion 7/23/24
Darling's Collar 7/23/24