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Introduced:  Twilight's Gleaming Updated:  Should the Stars Fall, The Iron Coast, Present Dilemma
Non-Player Killer
Race Male Aluvian
Title Entrepreneur
Location Tusker Emporium
Level 8
Strength 70
Endurance 70
Coordination 100
Quickness 100
Focus 25
Self 25
Health 85
Stamina 120
Mana 35





Books, Paper

Item Price
I survived the Tusker Emporium 6,750  


Item Price
Tusker Island Shirt 12,150  


Item Price
Refreshing Umbrella Drink 41  
Coffee 41  
Palm Wine 27  
Meat Pie 14  
Ale 14  
Water 3  


Item Price
Carved Tusker Statue 13,500  


Item Price
Tiki Torch 675  
Hoory Mattekar Over-robe Crate 337,500  

"Hoory" Mattekar Robes

Ketnan stopped handing out the robes and swords during the Child of Daralet event. Both items are now Retired.

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
 Berimphur Plant
 Hoory Mattekar Robe
 Bludgeoning Sword
 Hennacin Plant
 Hoory Mattekar Robe
 Bludgeoning Sword
 Verdalim Plant
 Hoory Mattekar Robe
 Bludgeoning Sword

Lore & Dialog


Ketnan tells you, "So, you survived the trip through the Tusker Emporium of Deadly Doom. You should get a plaque that says so!"

Ketnan tells you, "Looks like you had fun down here. Why not take home a souvenir T-shirt of your exciting visit to Tusker Island?"

Ketnan tells you, "Hope you enjoyed you trip through the Tusker Emporium of Deadly Doom. You look thirsty- care for a refreshing umbrella drink? Why not take home a memento of you visit here? I sell a fine assortment of quality merchandise."

Buying From

Ketnan tells you, "I've got lots of other stuff."

Ketnan tells you, "Great, thanks. Move along or buy more."

Selling To

Ketnan tells you, "Okay, I guess I'll take it."


Ketnan tells you, "The way out of here is that way. Or you could run back up."

Ketnan tells you, "Remember, the tables are for paying customers only!"

Retired dialog (Child of Daralet)

Ketnan tells you, "While I believe that my loyal customers have been most pleased by the fine Hoory Mattekar Robe (don't forget the free Bludgeoning Sword!), there has been a rather rude sort who proclaim that I have been cheating them somehow. It is unfortunate that dueling is beneath me, otherwise I would give these curs a well deserved beating."

Ketnan tells you, "Since a man in my line of work cannot afford to have all these aspersions cast upon his character, I have decided to temporarily cease production of the Hoory Robe. And anything you hear about my Hoory supplier cutting me off due to lack of payment is just another nasty rumor, I assure you."

Ketnan tells you, "I look forward to being able to supply the fine people of Dereth with more quality items in the future. In the meantime, any free pyreals you might have to spare will bring me closer to my ultimate goal of ruling all of Dereth! Ha ha. A joke. What I meant was, bring me closer to opening up my own humble clothing store."

Ketnan says, "Ketnan's Emporium of Clothes is coming...soon."

Retired dialog (Should the Stars Fall)

Ketnan tells you, "Why yes, I do have those Hoory Mattekar Robes I mentioned last month. These are quality items, far better than the original. I can promise you no Mattekars were killed to bring you this fine, only slightly offwhite robe. All of your friends will be amazed at how stylish you look. And this can be yours for just a sample of a dye plant! What a steal! Not to mention I will throw in a bludgeoning sword for free!"

Retired dialog (Twilight's Gleaming)

Ketnan says, "Gone. Everything is gone!"
Ketnan says, "My poor store. Ketnan's Emporium of Clothes was destined to be an empire!"
Ketnan says, "No, I'm not Ketnan. I cheat no one. You must be thinking of my older brother."