Cooking Pot

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Introduced:  Release
Cooking Pot
  • Value: 50p
  • Burden: 150
  • This item is used in cooking.
Cooking Pot


  • Does not stack.

Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Acina Hilmad the Grocer 73 Cragstone 25.7N, 48.5E
Brother Ku-Xao Sutan the Monk 68 Bluespire 39.5N, 75.2W
Calvinne Sporgenzenni the Shopkeeper 85 Silyun 87.3N, 70.3W
Dobblar 68 Kor-Gursha 67.4N, 30.5E
Gharuya al-Dhul the Grocer 85 Qalaba'r 74.5S, 19.3E
Goro Yu-Ban the Provisioner 73 Hebian-To 39.4S, 83.6E
Grocer Jaffres Dini 68 Sanamar 71.8N, 61.0W
Hunderth the Provisioner 78 Glenden Wood 29.6N, 27.5E
Janus Roma the Shopkeep 68 Redspire 40.8N, 83.1W
Jo Gau the Grocer 68 Nanto 52.5S, 82.4E
Nakoro Eshii-Shinjo the Provisioner 95 Wai Jhou 61.8S, 51.3W
Sidzika the Grocer 63 Al-Arqas 31.0S, 14.0E
Tyokai Renjiro the Grocer 90 Candeth Keep 87.8S, 67.3W
Yusnar ibn Lomaq the Grocer 68 Bluespire 39.5N, 75.5W