4/22/2024 - Springtime Update

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Well helloooo fellow genocidal maniacs who kill for XP and loot! How ya'll doing?

Thought to give ya'll a little update on my shreth / gromnie tooth necklace I made for Mrs. Av. She, of course, accidentally left it in the shed a few weeks ago (which was obviously just carelessness)... I brought it back inside as a good hubby/adventurer does, but a few days ago I found it in the ashes of our fireplace as I was cleaning it out. I'm not stupit, you see, so I put it on a stronger chain! Anyways, her breeding project with reed sharks is going as planned, and we've made over 500 pyreals, enough for about 2 cords of wood, just in time for summer!

But not all this message can be focused on the day-to-day adventurers of your protagonist...

There's a new girl in town (Adventurer's Haven) that goes by the name of 'Lil Asskicker'. Whomever came up with that name (obviously against the CoC) needs to report to me immediately. While she's completely useless, she does have some interesting things to say; be wary and guard your loot pouches!

So much for today's notes... I could go on forever. But I have one request: load me up with high priced gems please! I'm putting together a present for Mother's Day!