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"Undead are the result of Blood Magic, where one person is sacrificed in order to grant another eternal life. The undead we encounter are, for the most part, the remnants of the Empyrean kingdom of Dericost. Long ago, the noble families of the Dericost Kingdom learned necromancy from the Falatacot people. For thousands of years, undead nobles of Dericost ruled the kingdom in secret, through living intermediaries. Eventually the Dericostian nobles, collectively called the Old Lords, were divided into two warring factions: the Latzimestal ("Lords of the World " in the language of the Falatacot) and the Filinuvekta ("Winds From Darkness "). The Latzimestal declared that ruling in secret was cowardly and hypocritical. The undead had power; let them rule openly. So saying, they seized the realm from the Filinuvekta, and launched an aggressive campaign of military expansion. They were ultimately defeated by a coalition lead by the Kingdom of Haebrous, under King Jailne, and the Empire of Yalain, under Empress Alaidain.

But not all the undead were destroyed. Many of the Old Lords fled to Dereth. Now, they struggling to survive, and plotting to rebuild their power yet again." --Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
A'mun Blight Lord 115
Abbess Kivit 61
Abbess Tir'Livik 100
Aerfalle's Apprentice 135
Aerfalle's Weakened Apprentice 95
Aerlinthe Blight Lord 115
Ancient Counselor 200
Ancient Mu-miyah 50
Ancient Soul 135
Ancient Steward 185
Apparition 666
Apprentice Jexki Ki 125
Banished Mu-miyah
Baron of Colier
Battle Lord Gregor
Blight Lictor
Blight Revenant
Bound Falatacot
Bur Lizk
Caravaush the Chamberlain
Consort Ibrexi Jikti
Crypt Spirit
Cursed Foreman
Darayavaush the Red
Dark Guardian
Dark Leech
Dark Magus
Dark Master
Dark Revenant
Dark Sorcerer
Decayed Wight
Decaying Ruschk Laktar
Decaying Ruschk Sadist
Decaying Warrior
Desiccated Mu-miyah
Dread Mu-miyah
Elite Revenant
Elleina of Berkesh
Enraged Ancient Soul
Esper Blight Lord
Eternal Harvester
Falatacot Abbess
Falatacot Blood Elder
Falatacot Blood Prophetess
Falatacot Blood Prophetess (Level 390)
Falatacot Consort
Falatacot Marauder
Falatacot Matriarch
Falatacot Patrician
Falatacot Patrol
Falatacot Prison Warden
Falatacot Raider
Falatacot Zealot
Filinuvekta Emissary
Filinuvekta Exarch
Filinuvekta Hieromancer
Forge Guardian
Foul Mason
Frozen Wight
Frozen Wight Archer
Frozen Wight Captain
Frozen Wight High Acolyte
Frozen Wight Sorcerer
Gate Guardian
Gelidite Acolyte
Gelidite Initiate
Gelidite Lord
General Tain'Kivix
Ghastly Priestess
Grave Spirit
Great Revenant
Greater Mu-miyah
Guardian Mu-miyah
Guardian of the Helm
Guardian of the Lost Light
Haisanix the Destroyer
Halaetan Blight Lord
Heavy Builder
High Acolyte
High Acolyte of the Blood
High Acolyte of the Sacrifice
High Acolyte of the Spirit
High Mu-miyah
High Priestess Xik Minru
Horrible Mu-miyah
Hovoros the Shadowed
Imperial Archivist
Imperial Guard
Imperial Mu-miyah
Impious Lichen High Priest
Impious Lichen Priest
Karkuul the Defiler
Kazyk Ri T'thuunixis
Kazyk Ri's Raid Commander
Lady Aerfalle (730 Creature)
Lesser Acolyte (Level 20)
Lesser Acolyte (Level 50)
Lesser Mu-miyah
Lich Lord
Lich Oppressor
Lich Overseer
Linvak Blight Lord
Lord Hendrel
Lord Kastellar
Lord Miretrex
Lord Rytheran (680 Creature)
Lord Sorrom
Lord Twaine
Lord Winstead
Lost Menilesh Denizen
Majordomo of the North Cloister
Majordomo of the South Cloister
Matriarch Kixkti Xri
Matriarch Mirta'kir
Matriarch Vik'Liri Di
Mausoleum Guardian
Mausoleum Warden
Menilesh Guard
Minik Ra T'thuunixis
Minik Ra's Raid Commander
Mu-miyah Champion
Mu-miyah Channeller
Mu-miyah Grand Vizier
Mu-miyah Guardian
Mu-miyah Lord
Mu-miyah Magus
Mu-miyah Recluse
Mu-miyah Sentinel
Mu-miyah Sentinel (Level 240)
Mu-miyah Slave Master
Mu-miyah Soldier
Mu-miyah Soothsayer
Mu-miyah Vizier
Nivinizk's Raid Commander
Nomad Mu-miyah
Obsidian Blight Lord
Old Zombie (110)
Old Zombie (61)
Old Zombie (90)
Patriarch's Champion
Patriarch's Elite Raider
Patriarch's Executioner
Patriarch's Inquisitor
Patrician Kilkitris
Patrician Phaerix
Raging Wight
Renselm (Creature)
Restless Soul
Revenant (Bellig Tower)
Revenant Antiquary
Revenant Lord
Risen Knight
Risen Lord
Risen Soldier
Rotting Mu-miyah
Royal Mu-miyah
Rytheran's Apprentice
Sahoni Arsanc
Shade of Lord Rytheran
Shambling Adherent
Shambling Archivist
Shambling Ruschk Chieftain
Shambling Undead Ruschk
Shikken Moriyaki
Sister Vitriaka
Sodden Cadaver
Sodden Ruschk Chieftain
Sodden Undead Ruschk
Soul Hunter (Creature)
The Secret Keeper
Tormented Attendant
Tormented Consort
Tormented Imperial Consort
Tormented Patriarch
Tormented Servant
Tortured Servant
Tortured Soul
Undead (Creature)
Undead Captain
Undead Commander
Undead Curator
Undead Lieutenant
Undead Miner
Undead Minion
Undead Sailor
Vault Mistress Niktari Xsu
Vault Mistress Shilaanis Ri
Vizidh the Despoiler
Ward of the Retreat
Wari al Sha'im
Warlock of the Blood
Warrior of the Blood
Wight Blade Sorcerer
Wight Captain
Wight Frost Mage
Wight Kidnapper
Worm Feast
Wretched Architect
Zombie (Bellig Tower)
Zombie (Level 15)
Zombie (Level 50)
Zombie Mage


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