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"Many claimed these were less some form of Snow Golem and more strange creatures drawn from Ispar into Dereth. Appearing during the winter months, many Snowmen added a festive spirit to the season; in fact, it was rumored that one hidden Snowman vendor even sold unique and frosty food. Other Snowmen, however, proved less than jolly, demonstrating just how much damage a hurled ball of ice could cause."
--Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Abominable Snowman 135
Angry Snowman 105
Chilly the Snowman 8
Cowardly Snowman 105
Giant Snowman 100
Snowman 8
Snowman (NPC) 100
Snowman Sentry 185
Three Eyed Snowman 135
Two Headed Snowman 115

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