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"Appearing during the autumn season, these manikins of sticks and straw seemed benign enough... at first. Believed to have come through the same portals that draw the Isparians to Dereth, many took these Scarecrows for a touching reminder of home. Until, that is, suspicion grew about these pumpkin-headed figures. Were they indeed drawn from the world of Ispar, or simply Virindi-crafted puppets?" --Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Accursed Scarecrow 265
Nasty Scarecrow 40
Naughty Scarecrow 50
Nefarious Scarecrow 53
Rickety Scarecrow 4
Scarecrow Guard 80
Shady Scarecrow 16
Shifty Scarecrow 15
Suspicious Scarecrow 8
Vicious Scarecrow 80
Vile Scarecrow 70
Villainous Scarecrow 80

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