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"Mattekars are a strange, fur-bearing variety of reed shark found in the snowfields and mountains of Dereth Island. They are also known, among common folk, as "snow sharks." They are huge -- seven feet or taller at the shoulder -- and are found as lone rogues and small family units: the latter will defend one another to the death. They attack with claws, horns and teeth, and are particularly resistant to damage due to cold."
--Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Arctic Mattekar 80
Canescent Mattekar 80
Dire Mattekar 40
Dire Mattie 30
Dread Mattekar 40
Ebon Mattekar 80
Filthy Mattekar 115
Great Mattekar 20
Great Mattie 15
Hoary Mattekar 80
Snowy Mattekar 15
Snowy Mattie 15
Swarthy Mattekar 160
Tundra Mattekar 80
War Mattekar 115
White Mattekar 15
White Mattie 8

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