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"Mostly created by mages as the embodiment of the mana of the world, Elementals come in a variety of types representing one or many of the elements of nature. They are able to reproduce through unknown means but still inherit the will of their forgotten Empyrean masters and faithfully guard their territories. They rely mostly on magic, even protecting themselves against their chief weakness, to take down any trespasser."
--Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Algid Warrior 300
Brumal 100
Chill 20
Controlled Frost 80
Corrupted Grave Frost 250
Flake 8
Freezing Wind 200
Frost Zenith 185
Frost 80
Gelid 115
Hand of Enchantment 161
Hoarfrost 185
Horripal 30
Hyem 100
Shivver 60

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